To the Czech Republic and back

In the very east of Bavaria, the 41st meeting of specialists took place in mid-April. 50 TF hosts met in the "Klassik-Hotel am Tor" in the centre of Weiden in the Upper Palatinate to open the new season.

After the long winter break it was finally time again: For the 41st time several hosts of our TOURENFAHRER partner hotels came together for the so-called specialists' meeting. This time the host was Thomas Heigl from the "Klassik Hotel am Tor" in Weiden in the Upper Palatinate, in the very east of the Republic and not far from the Czech border. So it was only natural to visit the neighbours on the joint trip.

Divided into four groups, we first drove via Flossenbürg and Bärnau to Mähring and after crossing the border to the first petrol station in the Czech Republic. The focus of interest was not petrol or cigarettes, but hot drinks. And many a person rummaged through his luggage to see if there were any thicker gloves or even a pullover hidden there. Slowly but surely the temperatures climbed up into the lower two-digit range when we arrived in the picturesque little town of Loket via the chic spa town Mariánské Lázně. After a typical lunch and an interesting tour of the castle, we headed back to Bavaria via Cheb. Near Waldsassen we stopped briefly at an imposing baroque building, the "Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Trinity", called Kappl for short.

Back at the hotel, most of us needed a hot shower before we ate and drank in the nearby "Ratskeller". At an advanced hour, the Upper Palatinate master of humour and "Gstanzlsänga" Lucky came along as a surprise guest and presented an excerpt from his repertoire. The one or other was allowed to enjoy his very personal joke ...

It was once again a successful "family reunion" with a great atmosphere. The TF partner house hosts have opened the season and are looking forward to meeting you! You will find the best addresses at and in our printed hotel specials.

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