Back to the roots …

... was the motto of the 42nd specialist meeting of the TF hoteliers. 78 participants accepted the invitation to the "Haus Recke Hönnetal" and let the season come to an end in mid-October in the Sauerland.

The first item on the agenda of the 42nd meeting of specialists was already very well received: "Arrive first and have a drink" was at the top of the invitation, before host Uli Vanselow officially welcomed his guests "in the beautiful meadows" in the evening. This was the meaning of the Old High German word "Binolen" and at the same time the address of his "Haus Recke Hönnetal" near Balve in the Sauerland. "I just want to say thank you", Uli continued visibly moved. "Thank you for the great people and the dear host colleagues, whom I was allowed to meet in 20 years of TF-Partnerhaus.

After an excellent Westphalian evening menu, many sat together until deep into the night. In order to be able to accommodate all guests, Uli had organized 21 campers and put them on the large parking lot in front of his house.

The next day's trip was comparatively short at around 150 kilometres, but the unusual cultural stop was worth doing without a few kilometres. The Wiesenkirche in Soest and the workshops of the stonemasons can be visited by everyone, but we were allowed to go directly to the cathedral construction site and got an idea of how much work is involved in such a restoration. After this impressive live history lesson about gothic architecture and a "small snack" (giant portion of chili con carne) in the "Geronimo" at the Möhnesee, the party continued in the beautiful meadows. And all that in the proper style with draught beer, hamburgers, live music - and in the very best of moods. Thank you, Uli.

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