Founded in 1981, Reiner H. Nitschke Verlag publishes a total of seven specialist journals, with special expertise in the field of two-wheelers. With the titles "Motorradfahrer", "TOURENFAHRER" and "MotorradABENTEUER" a considerable market share in the motorcycle magazine segment is covered, the "TOURENFAHRER" is regarded worldwide as a trendsetter in motorcycle touring magazines, the "Motorradfahrer" has always been the leading medium for motorcycle enthusiasts and "MotorradABENTEUER" attracts the desire in us to dare something again.The company also publishes titles as rich in tradition as "FONO FORUM", Germany's big classical music magazine whose first edition was published in 1956, the leading magazine for qualified hi-fi, "STEREO", as well as "HIFI DIGITAL" with the topics streaming, PC audio and porti, and the music magazine "drums & percussion". 40 dedicated employees work full-time for the company, in addition to about 30 freelance authors and photographers. After five years in Burg Veynau, the entire publishing house moved at the end of 2002 to the newly established Euskirchen Culture and Media Centre. Here, with its own concert hall, large digital photo studio, several listening and measuring rooms and its own motorcycle workshop, the different special magazines can be produced under optimal conditions.